Monday, November 28, 2016

Join Us Earth Bag Building in 2017- Nepal

Ok, it's official!!! We are building again October 19 to October 28, 2017.  Join us on this rewarding adventure rebuilding Nepal's devastated villages left behind after the 7.8M earth quake.

We are working in the area hardest hit by the earth quake where thousands were killed and still today people are living under sheets of tin given as temporary shelters since the earth quake April 2015.

Schools and child safety is our priority and why we've joined with First Steps Himalaya who have been successfully providing quality rural education in Nepal for several years.

Come learn- build and explore the beauty of the people and land with us next autumn.  There is also a build commencing this spring for anyone wanting to get over there in April and May.

For more information and to get yourselves on the team, drop us an email..


Becky & Tim Rippel
Peak Freaks

Check out the video....

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