Saturday, November 5, 2016

Earth Bag Rebuild Underway- Nepal

Everyone including Tim are now on site in Sangachok. This is the second day for the team and they are working hard. Today they built a diversion trench with rebar and earth bags. Tim's welding fabricating skills have come in handy. Tomorrow he will be welding the roof frame together with the help of Dan Brown. They should have this complete in a couple days.

The building you see below now has all the walls and doors and window frames in thanks to the team that was in here before us, our team will now begin to assemble the mesh and begin plastering.

The building starts at 0700hrs and with breakfast at 1000hrs in an attempt to escape the day time heat, finishing up around 1800hrs.

Durga took Tim around to explain and explore new ideas and opportunities in rebuilding this area. "Warning"..... there is a renewed spark in Tim's eyes.

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  1. Keep the updates coming...I'm really looking forward to watching this project unfold. Best wishes to everyone involved.

  2. You know more than I do....thanks Peak Freaks!