Monday, May 11, 2015

Child Trafficking - STOP HERE!

A recent Australian article supports our initiative to first build an earth quake proof school in Sangachok before handing out money to unknown projects and to individuals, and to maximize funds to help root and protect one community at a time.
Home Away Home children


The other important project we are supporting is a well ran school in Namche Bazaar. The children in this home are not specifically called orphan's because they've been saved by Tsedam Sherpa's family and should be considered as a model for homeless or the very poor children of the Himalayas.  It's called the Home Away Home, it's a school and home that Tsedam and his family supports on their own from their lodge business to keep children of the Khumbu valley (Everest region) in their valley and protected from the risk of child trafficking sharks.

We've always said that the best ran, and most successful aid projects in the country have always been the ones ran by the people themselves. We can't stress this enough KNOW YOUR PEOPLE.

Tsedam Sherpa -daughters- teachers
Time is ticking and we are in urgent need to offer hope and protection to families below Namche Bazzar that are now homeless and their children are at risk.  Tsedam and family can save them but they need our help.


Please consider this or if you know someone who cancelled their EBC- Everest Base Camp trek this spring- send them our way. We have a trek organized October 11th with all the proceeds going to help support Home Away Home. You'll meet the children and meet Tsedam and his family to realize your investment in this adventure together.  Upon trip completion you will KNOW YOUR PEOPLE and know you helped save precious lives.

13 -day EBC Trek - October 11 - Cost $2980.00US- All inclusive from Kathmandu for a modified exploration Everest region trek.

Please email us at if you can help us with either project. We have enough earth-home builders so now we turn our focus on the future of Home Away Home. 

Tim and Becky Rippel

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